How do I dress my entire family?! Let's start with the Baby's Outfit

Excited for your family photo session, but you have no idea what to wear or where to start?! I like to start with one outfit, and then plan around that. Let's start with the baby's outfit in this case - an adorable subtle patterned dress from Zara. A neutral color with yellow and green floral pattern photographs really well on the baby. Neutral colors let you - the subject - stand out rather than the outfit, aka a bright red or green dress would take away from the baby's face. Bright colors also have a tendency to reflect onto the face and others in the colors creating colored shadows - we don't want this!

As you can see in the below three images, the pattern works really well with the neutral solids that mom, dad and the little girl are wearing. Each combination works really well together - baby & sister, baby & dad, baby & mom, and the family as a whole. At the most I recommend two subtle patterns, if you have too many they will compete with each other.

Toddler's Outfit

I love the brown corduroy skirt matching the brown boots, the cream top and tights match well - with an adorable beige bow. All these colors compliment each other very well. It also important to have something the toddler can be comfortable to run around in, without shoes falling off or underwear showing.

Mama's Outfit

Mom looks super chic in her beige sweater dress and tan boots. She did a wonderful job having the whole family's shoes match. They don't all need to be the exact color, but they should be in the same color palette family.

Dad's Outfit

You can't go wrong with a simple crew sweater and jeans for dad! I love the tan leather shoes he's wearing, they match the girls without being the exact same color. His beige sweater matches mom's dress, which works very nicely together. His solid top pairs well with the solid cream of his daughters shirt and skirt, as well as the baby's patterned dress.

Add some color

Another great option is to start with mama's outfit - because let's be real this is all about us moms right? lol. This mama looks stunning in ASTR the label | Athena Floral purple dress, she dressed the rest of her family in solids that complimented her dress perfectly. Complimenting but not matching with this color palette.

Picture Perfect!

I love how both boys are in cream, but their pants are different colors and textures. The dad's green sweater and khakis look really nice with the purple dress. As you can see the two colors look great with the two neutral outfits. When they all come together it's a nice balance of color and neutrals.